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      WEIHAI WEIYING TOOL CO., LTD. Telephone: +86-631-5685601

      WeiYing exhibiting the 11th China international in 2012

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      June 12, 2012 to 16, the company participated in the Eleventh China International Machine Tool Exhibition, the sales department is mainly responsible for the reception work of this exhibition, to explain the product to customers, answer customer questions. Go to Beijing flying tour staff also participated in the exhibition, they all visit, broaden their horizons, to understand the market, data collection. Our products are subject to the attention of all parties, we produce diamond ultra thin slot knife in the market is very competitive, reflecting the strength of the hard person, focused, professional. Through this exhibition, to see the gap between the peers. As a hard man, in the market competition is so intense, we should carry forward our advantages, continuous improvement, continuous innovation, and continuously forge ahead.

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